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'Deliver' button not showing

Issue: You created a card or board on, but the Deliver button isn't there.

1. Make sure you're signed in.

If you don't sign in, we'll have no way to associate the card ownership with you.

2. Open the card in the same browser where you first created it.

If you create a card and are not signed in, we save a temporary token in your browser. Once you sign in, this token is automatially associated with your account.

So, after signining in from the same browser that you created the card with, open the card link there, and it should automatically resolve the issue.

There are two types of card links with slightly different UI:

(note the bold part of these links above)

The 'Deliver' button is only shown on the creator and collaborator links.

5. Try the card troubleshooter

Try it here - It may fix your issue. This is a new tool, so if it works for you, please do let us know at

6. Reach us

If you still have issues, please reach us at